The IoT is coming upon us faster than we think. With its arrival EU industry, homes and society will be catapulted into the huge arena of security risks that accompany an untested yet already universal technology that directly manages our cyber-physical reality on a daily, and indeed second by second, basis. Attacks on the content and quality of service of the IoT platforms can have economic, energetic and physical security consequences that go way beyond the traditional Internet’s lack of security, and way beyond the threats posed by attacks to mobile telephony. Yet, these threats to the IoT ,are also a great opportunity for those who will know how to harness security science and technology in order to counter the threats in a cost effective manner and market products that can support the development of a thriving business that assures the safety and security of the IoT. . SerIoT will optimize the information security in IoT platforms and networks in a holistic, cross-layered manner (i.e. IoT platforms & devices, honeypots, SDN routers and operator’s controller) in order to offer a secure SerIoT platform that can be used to implement secure IoT platforms and networks anywhere and everywhere. Bringing together star European technology companies such as DT/T-Sys. and ATOS together with highly competent SMEs such as HIS, HOPU, GRUVENTA, HIT and ATECH and world-leading European research organisations such as CERTH, JRC, TUB, ICCS, IITIS-PAN and TECNALIA and universities like UESSEX and TUB with savvy users such as OASA, Austria Tech and DT/T-Sys. the SerIoT project will develop, implement and test a generic IoT framework based on a specific adaptation of the concept of smart Software Defined Networks, augmented with secure routers, advanced analytics and user friendly visual analytics. The SerIoT project will create a unique and portable software-based SerIoT network that can spearhead Europe’s success in the Internet of Things. These advances will be evaluated on both individual lab test-beds and an integrated EU wide testbed interconnected through UEssex and demonstrated via significant use cases by industry partners. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that allows to information about data transfers between parties in a secure, publically verifiable, efficient, trustless way. The properties the technology brings to the system come from the features of the method: by design a blockchain is distributed in an anonymous peer to peer network. All transactions (or data transfers) are public, auditable and recorded in blocks that are added to the top of the chain. There is no way to remove anything from a blockchain, one can only add a modified version of a block. As it is decentralized there is no authority that can be easily compromised. We plan to use the properties offered by blockchain technology to help improve the shortcomings of IoT: keep immutable record of the history of smart devices, as well as improve the security and trust of messaging by leveraging smart contracts and Bitcoin transactions. This cutting edge technology has been already introduced by some companies in the field of IoT, but we plan to seek how to improve some of its shortcomings and explore how we can bring it to the standardization bodies.



Check our latest blog post on how our Virtualized SerIoT honeypot deflects and attract attacks! #CyberSecurity #InternetOfThings #AI

Due to the cancelation of the IoT Week 2020 which was scheduled for 1-5 June 2020, the Workshop organized by the SerIoT partners will not take place at this occasion.

A new paper "IoT Network Attack Detection and Mitigation", collectively prepared by SerIoT partners IITIS (Poland) and CERTH-ITI (Greece), has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing in Montenegro.

The #SerIoT project will participate at the GIoTS 2020 and will be represented at the 3rd Workshop on IoT Security and Privacy (WISP) to be organized during the IoT Week 2020 at 3-5 June in Dublin.
The paper submission deadline is this Friday February 28.

Prof. Tadeusz Czachórski (IITIS) is presenting the main management considerations of the #SerIoT project's implementation at the 6th Plenary Meeting in Vienna.

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