05Apr 2021

Autopolicy model was proposed as significant part of T6.4 part, as a solution  for monitoring if the device traffic stays within a pre-defined set of rules. While designing the solution, it was assumed that privacy protection will be achieved by monitoring whether the IoT device behaves in accordance with the assumed traffic profile, e.g. not […]

05Apr 2021

The landscape of security threats is continuously evolving in the new era of cyber-physical systems. In this context, the IoT is widely considered as a key enabler of such transformation by enabling the interconnection of physical devices to the Internet infrastructure. Given the global scale of the IoT, as well as its pervasive and ubiquitous […]

01Apr 2021

Join us on IoTDay

April 1, 2021

Join us on #IoTDay, 9 April 2021 at 12.00-13.30 (CET) for a roundtable discussion on the latest developments with the #H2020 projects EU-IoT, IoTAC_H2020, SecureIoT Project, H2020 SERIOT.Register now:

31Mar 2021

The SerIoT network is an SDN network, which is extended by a number of elements which together provide the ability to find paths for flows in a smart way. Thanks to SDN technology, the SerIoT network connects two previously incompatible worlds – the experimental Cognitive Packet Networking and TCP/IP stack-based networks. Still, the most important […]

29Mar 2021

The network security data sources used in the SerIoT project vary in content, size, format and organization. Each dataset provides different numbers of features, while different naming conventions are usually used to determine each feature. Additionally, the provided files are not organized in a standard way. To address these challenges, each dataset has been modelled […]

26Mar 2021

The SerIoT components, including Fog Mano, SDN Substrate, data monitoring and verification modules are interconnected, creating traffic and necessitating rules to enable privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the provided services. Towards this end, penetration testing is applied to SerIoT system to validate the security requirements in the development phase. In this phase the secure […]

26Mar 2021

Security testing has been extensively studied in the literature in the past several years. Penetration testing tools have been developed usually acquiring more than one utility for information gathering during reconnaissance initial phase also exploiting vulnerabilities of the targeted system and finally exporting a risk assessment report. IoT era has brought about new needs in […]

24Mar 2021

Privacy Aware Routing component is the extension of the SerIoT SDN-Controller, in order to integrate requirements for the privacy protection of the owners of IoT devices. The work is based on the idea that the SDN-Controller can coordinate the implementation of custom routing policies across multiple IoT routers, in order to develop innovative security capabilities […]

22Mar 2021

The goal is to show the capabilities of SerIoT working in a scenario with RoadSide Units infrastructure equipment and simulation of automated driving vehicles manoeuvres. On one hand, a case based on a fleet vehicle route modification via V2I communications is tested. All nodes are considered to work under normal conditions, that is, they remain […]



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