Summary of Exploitation Strategy

SerIoT Exploitation Strategy

This page summarizes the core elements of the SerIoT Exploitation Strategy which is built on some key elements:

  1. The enforcement of an intellectual property policy to protect the SerIoT inventions.
  2. The development of appropriate business models to turn these innovations into profitable commercial products.
  3. Joint and Individual Exploitation Plans to indicate how project outcomes will be used or commercialized after the end of the funding period considering that the project results have achieved different levels of maturity at the end of the project, and they cannot  be used at the same time.
  4. A Sustainability Roadmap: to ensure that the project results will keep alive beyond the end of the project.

Following these principles and methodology (see the Figure below), the project has established a smooth path to include innovative research results into products and services, to feed them into further research or development activities, and to employ them for the creation of new business.

SerIoT IPR Management

The management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a fundamental prerequisite for successful exploitation and maximum impact of the innovative solutions and the protection of key results generated within the SerIoT collaborative research project.

The final exploitation plan will release the final version of the SerIoT items with exploitation potential, and the considerations about the IPR management, taking into account the chosen licenses for the software developments and the IPR regulations covered for the SerIoT Consortium Agreement for this purpose.

Business Models Development

Along the three-years project, we have explored what are the most extended possibilities for the new application fields which have been identified for SerIoT, and different business models have been identified for the project, based on market willingness.

This research has been useful to gain knowledge about the existing options in the market, that we need to adapt to the specific features of SerIoT results.

The final exploitation plan will includespecific business models that will be developed to illustrate how SerIoT could make profit in case of a business opportunity, according to the final selection of exploitable items with the highest potential to go to market.

Exploitation Strategy

Exploitation in the scope of SerIoT refers to the use of project results distinguishing mainly two lines of action:

  • Joint Exploitation Plan:  For the practical implementation and management of IPR in the context of the exploitation of common SerIoT results beyond the project lifetime the consortium will establish an agreement that it is still under discussion.

The exploitation of SerIoT solution is foreseen as an activity led by different partners, with a number of exploitation agreements with the owners of the necessary components for a given deployment of a specific SerIoT configuration. This scheme may be used both in the case of the operation of a SerIoT-based service that could be potentially established, or in the case of a partner identifying a business opportunity that would require a subset of the SerIoT components.

  • Individual Exploitation  Plans: each partner has its own strategy that will be developed detailed one by one in its individual exploitation plan.

Adoption Roadmap and Sustainability

The adoption roadmap establishes how to overcome barriers and obstacles to ensure results will be used by stakeholders, while sustainability determines how they will be available in long-term so they can be used. The adoption roadmap will encompass the activities to further develop the project outcomes to bring project results to the market.

This information will be provided in the final exploitation plan of the project, forecasted by April 2021.